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            RGA's Asia Pacific operating segment serves markets throughout Asia, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, India and Singapore. 

            Reinsurance products offered by RGA in the Asia Pacific region include individual and group life reinsurance, living benefits (critical illness, disability income, longevity, health and long-term care) reinsurance, retakaful, superannuation, annuity reinsurance, and financial reinsurance.

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            Regional Leadership

            Asia Regional Team
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            Australia Regional Team
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            Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters
            RGA Reinsurance Company
            29th Floor Dorset House
            Taikoo Place
            979 King's Road
            Hong Kong

            T 852.2511.8688


            To compete in Asia Pacific’s dynamic insurance environment, innovative product development is crucial. Direct writers must offer protection and savings products with enhanced consumer benefits. RGA Asia Pacific’s underwriting, actuarial, and claims experts partner with insurers to deliver on three levels:

            • Locally, we respond to market opportunities and work with clients to create new products and processes. 
            • Regionally, we leverage knowledge and best practices gained through our deep experience to introduce proven solutions, often improving upon existing models. 
            • Globally, RGA works with clients to develop new automation technologies, distribution channels, predictive modeling tools, and other solutions. 
            • Specialized services, including “Underwriting as a Business” initiatives, incorporate RGA underwriting expertise into product development and other insurance solutions.
            • The RGA Advantage program (utilizes proprietary AURA e-underwriting technology and RGA’s facultative expertise to help insurers reduce costs and mitigate risk exposure)
            • Global Underwriting Manual (GUM)
            • Global Underwriting Learning Framework (GULF) Academy
            • Annual Underwriting and Claims Seminar, regional training sessions and seminars
            • Experience studies, VOC (Voice of the Channel) research and process, and underwriting reviews

            In 2018, RGA ranked #1 on NMG Consulting’s All Respondent Business Capability Index in the Asia region for the seventh consecutive year, and in the Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand markets.