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            AURA Business Intelligence


            Insurers are on a continuous quest to manage their businesses more intelligently. AURA Business Intelligence (BI) helps them achieve that goal with industry-leading technology. The tool offers full data extracts, customizable analytics, interactive dashboards and data visualization to provide deeper insights and support effective underwriting strategies.

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            AURA BI captures information from multiple sources, including:

            • Insurance application questions and disclosed answers
            • Disclosed impairments and underwriting risks
            • AURA-determined underwriting decisions and requirements
            • Data from third-party evidence providers

            With AURA BI, you can access data in seconds and review demographics, analyze trends, and monitor decision frequency and quality virtually anywhere, from laptops to mobile devices. 


            The AURA BI reporting tool supports powerful cross-referencing and trend analysis. You can compare risk factors across product lines, demographic datasets and physical locations to find trends. Then, you can use this insight to identify areas for improvement, correct questionnaires and adjust rules. AURA BI allows you to access reports based on:

            • Decision and application information
            • Disclosures and requirements
            • Demographic information or risk factors

            RGA also offers AURA BI training tailored to many roles, including managers, underwriters and rules designers. Training ranges from highly technical to general overview information. RGA’s Business and Rules Analysts collaborate with you to enhance questionnaires to increase your straight-through processing rate and/or adjust your risk profile. 

            The AURA solution is more than software; it is a service. Experts on RGA’s AURA support team help you to maximize AURA’s benefits. Depending on your company’s unique needs, you can work with a business analyst, rules analyst, database administrator, or report developer to make the most of AURA.  Questions? Ask AURA to learn more.