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            RGA offers a global view of bancassurance models, products, distribution channels, and pricing. We can provide deep insights into international banking and insurance regulatory environments. RGA is recognized for our client support, product development and primary research. We have conducted bancassurance surveys globally since 2007. 

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            The bancassurance industry has grown in many markets globally but with varying degrees of success. Bancassurance penetration varies widely; it is high in Europe and growth in Asia and Latin America is rapid. 

            Strategic success for bancassurance is tied to several market and regulatory factors. Market maturity and insurance penetration are mitigating factors for bancassurance along with regulatory and capital requirements. 

            RGA’s presence in 26 countries worldwide and in-depth knowledge from our research and thought leadership have positioned us as a trusted advisor to clients. We can assist clients with optimizing models, products, distribution channels, pricing, predictive modeling, and underwriting, as well as navigating complex regulatory environments. We offer the expertise to help banks and life insurers achieve long-term bancassurance success.
            RGA offers e-underwriting solutions that automate and simplify the underwriting process and allow bancassurers to ask fewer and less intrusive questions. RGA’s AURA (Automated Underwriting and Risk Analysis) platform enables clients to place policies, capture information, improve consistency and reduce costs. 

            Additionally, RGA is committed to simplifying the underwriting process for financial underwriting on jumbo cases and for medical underwriting. 

            RGA uses predictive modeling to find new ways to innovate and manage risk. Bancassurers can apply predictive modeling to bank customer data to drive product innovation, increase customer satisfaction, and improve claims management.

            Through a partnership with RGA, banks can confidently transfer mortality risk and assist clients with capital management. With $3.1 trillion of life reinsurance in force, RGA manages one of the largest blocks in the life reinsurance industry. We are the world’s leading facultative underwriter, with mortality and morbidity databases among the largest in the industry.