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            Annuity and Asset-Intensive 


            RGA’s annuity and asset-intensive reinsurance can help you capitalize on growth opportunities without stretching your available capital – or adding excessive investment risk to your balance sheet.

            We can help derisk your balance sheet with a consequent reduction in regulatory capital. RGA offers full-risk coverage of investment-related insurance products, including separate account (variable or unit-linked Annuities) and general account (fixed) products.
            Contact us to learn more.

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            RGA offers reinsurance solutions to address capital strain that comes with fixed and variable annuities and interest-sensitive life insurance products. Our solutions include:

            • Shared risk on new product ventures
            • Release of embedded value from in-force blocks of business
            • Independent validation of product design and pricing, including ALM analysis
            • Access to capital-planning experts to help reduce surplus strain and risk-based capital requirements
            • Asset-liability management expertise
            • Excess production capacity, allowing for continued sales when faced with production limits

            To learn more, meet our team.  

            We reinsure the following annuity and interest-sensitive products: 

            • Fixed Deferred Annuities
            • Pension Schemes and Annuities in Payment
            • Indexed Annuities
            • Variable (unit-linked) Annuities
            • Universal Life 
            • COLI/BOLI
            • Variable (unit-linked) Life Products
            • Immediate/Payout Annuities
            • Whole Life
            • Disabled Life Reserves
            • Extended Term Insurance

            To learn more, meet our team.  

            GFS Asia Pacific 
            Gaston Nossiter
            SVP, Asia Pacific, GFS

            GFS UK
            Hamish Galloway
            SVP, UK, GFS

            GFS North America 
            Gary Seifert
            SVP, North America, GFS

            Robert Mallette
            SVP, Living Benefits and Longevity, RGA Canada

            GFS EMEA
            Paul Sauvé
            SVP, EMEA, GFS