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            Longevity Reinsurance


            RGA helps clients reduce their exposure to the longevity risk associated with life annuities and pension obligations. 

            In many countries, employers are increasingly concerned about the size of their exposure to longevity risk related to the retirement benefits promised to staff. This concern comes from both the absolute size of the risk, and the volatility that changes in life expectancy can have on reported earnings.

            Insurers that offer lifetime annuities are seeking ways to manage current exposures, while also recognizing potential profitability in taking on more risk from employers and individuals.

            RGA can help. We are a market leader in addressing longevity risk transfer needs, from transacting with traditional insurance companies, banks and pension schemes to reinsuring both standard and medically underwritten business. 

            RGA can offer standard longevity swaps and customized longevity solutions, both of which provide relief from the capital requirements associated with the provision of retirement benefits. Longevity reinsurance can also help to mitigate the impact of changing life expectancy on reported earnings.

            RGA developed its longevity solution in the United Kingdom, where the existence of $2 trillion of defined benefit pension scheme obligations led to a mature and efficient longevity risk transfer market. RGA executed its first longevity swap in 2008. Since then, we have been a dominant player in the market, reinsuring over $30 billion of longevity exposure in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, and France.


            Visit the RGA Global Directory to learn more about our offerings in your market. 

            GFS Asia Pacific 
            Gaston Nossiter
            SVP, Asia Pacific, GFS

            GFS UK
            Hamish Galloway
            SVP, UK, GFS

            GFS North America 
            Gary Seifert
            SVP, North America, GFS

            Robert Mallette
            SVP, Living Benefits and Longevity, RGA Canada

            GFS EMEA
            Paul Sauvé
            SVP, EMEA, GFS