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            Group Living Benefits


            Changing economic conditions, new disabilities and medical advances, evolving industry trends, and a host of other variables can affect insurer stability and profitability.

            Reinsuring a block of living benefits business is a practical and cost-effective way for carriers to limit risk and pursue existing or emerging opportunities. 

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            RGA offers the following group living benefit coverage, which vary by market:

            Disability (Short-Term and Long-Term)

            • Traditional
            • Voluntary Disability and/or Worksite
            • Association Disability
            • Special Risk Disability

            Critical Illness

            Accident Medical 

            Long-Term Care

            Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

            RGA offers a range of value-added services: 


              • Continuing education session
              • Quarterly earnings summary
              • Benchmarking of rates
              • Disability claim termination rate studies
              • Monte Carlo retention analysis
              • Peer review
              • Pricing assumption and algorithm review
              • Product development and pricing for unique risks
              • Predictive modeling
              • Reserve adequacy analysis and assumption review


              • Operational assessment
              • Plan design improvements for group benefits
              • Industry claim trends
              • Training modules in disability claim management
              • Strategic partners
              • Claim data analysis and focused assessment
              • Disability claim settlement strategies

              Market Intelligence:

              • Publications
              • Webcasts
              • Conferences/seminars 

              Research and Surveys

              • Industry surveys
              • Ad hoc research services
              • Industry news curation


              • General advice and consult
              • Case specific (facultative) consultation and risk review
              • Workshops and training
              • Operation and file reviews
              • Policy, plan design, and guidelines 
              • Medical underwriting

              For a full listing, download our Summary of ServicesPlease contact us with any questions.