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            Group Research


            Marketplace knowledge provides a competitive edge

            Keeping up with insurance trends and news is essential for success in today’s competitive business environment. Obtaining credible and current market information is key.

            As a global reinsurer with relationships across the industry, RGA is uniquely positioned to provide insights into industry trends and company practices. Insurance carriers consider RGA a trusted information resource.

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            • Customized surveys to meet client information needs, ranging from data-intensive studies to quick response inquiries
            • Focus on group life, health, disability, accident, special risk areas
            • Claims management, underwriting, and actuarial topics
            • U.S., Canada, and/or global group insurance markets
            • Extensive database of 500+ industry surveys commissioned since 1994
            • Employee satisfaction surveys
            • Outcomes evaluation
            • Gather agenda topics prior to internal meetings
            • Compare/contrast internal findings for process improvement initiatives
            • Topical research in specialized areas of interest
            • Industry and market profiles
            • Market trends and insights
            • Competitive intelligence
            • Regulatory insight and analysis
            • Industry news aggregation via group insurance newsletters
            • Topical news alerts