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            Individual Living Benefits


            Demographic changes and medical advances, as well as evolving social benefits programs and associated regulations, continue to increase demand for living benefits products.  

            As one of the world's largest reinsurers, RGA understands how medical and lifestyle factors affect life expectancy and morbidity trends in this complex market. We offer extensive underwriting, actuarial, product development, and claims management capabilities.

            Contact us to learn more. 

            As medicine advances, the definition of “critical illness” continues to evolve, but the purpose of these products remains the same: to protect an individual’s financial integrity when help is needed most.  RGA offers extensive experience in mortality and morbidity, along with strong product development expertise, to help you create critical illness products.

            RGA can help:

            • Determine which impairments to cover
            • Develop definitions that respond to individual needs
            • Manage your risk

            RGA supports a wide range of critical illness products, including:
            traditional single or multi-impairment products, as well as multi-pay, staged-cancer, female- and juvenile-specific impairments, specific-cause medical reimbursement, and simplified-issue products.

            Contact us to learn more.

            The market for individual disability income insurance can be volatile; RGA’s risk transfer solutions can smooth out fluctuations in morbidity and relieve surplus strain.

            RGA offers reinsurance solutions for such individual insurance products as short- and long-term disability income, accidental partial disability income, total and permanent disability (TPD), lump-sum disability income, and special risk disability income (special occupations, international locations, etc.) covering both personal and business needs. 

            We also provide:

            • Outstanding underwriting and claims assistance
            • Significant expertise in disability income product development and pricing
            • In-depth understanding of current and potential regulations in markets around the world.

            Contact us to learn more.

            Long-term care insurance has growth potential if managed well; still, the market can present significant challenges. Working closely with clients, RGA’s multi-disciplinary experts can help clients successfully manage a broad spectrum of risks associated with these products.

            These solutions can involve:

            • Cost-effective risk management
            • More-efficient use of capital
            • Access to regular independent outside risk assessment evaluations
            • Exceptional underwriting and claims support services
            • Added protection for important stakeholders
            • Expertise to help manage product expectations and avoid potential operational surprises

            RGA supports companies in writing new blocks of this business by offering sophisticated, detailed risk analysis and modeling. In addition, our reinsurance team may be able to provide solutions for closed or in-force blocks of long-term care business.

            RGA's clients benefit from having access to our highly qualified team of experts, who can help develop new strategies to effectively and profitably compete in this market.

            To learn more, contact us.