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            Product Development

            RGA can support your growth objectives on a global scale. We combine professionalism, innovation, expertise and an emphasis on execution to help our clients develop new products and write more new business.

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            RGA Capabilities

            Click on a circle in the below diagram to learn more about each phase of the product development process

            Strategy Development Insurance Product and Pricing Underwriting
            Distribution and Marketing IT/Operations Admin/Claims Reinsurance and Capital

            We work with the following entities as a strategic partner:

            • Life and health insurers looking to launch new products
            • Non-life and health insurers seeking to cross-sell life and health products to their customer bases
            • Distributors, retailers, banks, or affinity groups pursing life and health insurance sales
            • Disruptive new market entrants 

            Our focus on specific product types has been fundamental in helping RGA achieve and sustain its leadership position. Examples of key RGA core offerings include: 

            • Critical Illness, Disability Income, Long-Term Care
            • High Net Worth Universal Life
            • Wellness
            • Mortality and Life Protection Riders
            • Simplified Issue Products
            • Credit Life
            • Condition-specific products (i.e. Cancer Reimbursement)
            • Hospital Income, Hospital Reimbursement
            • Group and Voluntary Products
            • Takaful and Retakaful 

            Clients trust RGA as their product development partner because of our:

            • History and track record of successfully executed product launches
            • Openness to new ideas and willingness to invest in new technologies
            • Local presence and deep local market knowledge
            • Ability to navigate complex local capital and regulatory environments
            • Leading product ideas and strategies derived from a global view of trends and innovation
            • State-of-the-art underwriting, rating, and pricing expertise critical to achieving product profitability
            • Data-driven assumptions based on reputable sources and hard facts
            • Outstanding client service and value